rraud wrote on 11/23/2022, 11:44 AM

Welcome to the Magix Sound Forge users community @VersionCity.

Your plug-in chains 'should' remain intact if your are just doing a basic reinstallation of Sound Forge. Otherwise, plug-in chains would be backed-up from the Appdata system folder and the registry. The legacy (Sony) Preset Manager 2.0 can back up chains and individual DX (Direct X) plug-in presets but not individual VSTs. AFAIK, PM cannot be downloaded from Magix or the SCS archives, so see my comment from 2019 to find it.
In any case, if plug-in locations are changed, the plugs and plug-in chains will not load properly or at all,. Individual VST presets are in a 'Documents> VST folder on my PC. I am not sure if that is the default. The VST presets can be copied/pasted with Window explorer,

FYI, your Sound Forge widow layouts <.ForgeWindowLayout> and keyboard shortcuts <.ini> can be copied and pasted from
C:\Users\--USER NAME--\AppData\Local\MAGIX\SOUND FORGE Pro\15
btw, the Appdata system folder is normally hidden.
But these files should also remain intact for a basic reinstall.

The 'Toolbar layouts' can be exported/imported in the Windows registry. However changing the registry should be avoided unless you know what you're doing.