ralftaro wrote on 9/22/2009, 10:04 AM
Hi there,

What kind of video tutorial is this referring to? Is this some video that Magix has hosted and published on their site, e.g. like the video ad embedded into some of the product information pages:

Or is this some video that you have created and uploaded to a Magix online service that, after publishing it online, doesn't play back as good as you were hoping it would? I'm not really clear on this.

If it's a general problem with the playback of video embedded into the Magix site, you should probably make sure your Flash player plug-in is up-to-date, your Internet connection is fast enough and your system is generally up to snuff for modern multimedia appications and Flash websites. Flash isn't the most efficient technology, to say the least, and it really tends to hog system resources.

If this is about your own uploads, maybe you can provide some more details regarding how you create those videos etc.

thorsak wrote on 9/27/2009, 7:12 PM
 ...and thanks for your reply!

I'm referring to a Video Tutorial by MAGIX on Magix Web-site.  I have Pentium IV with VISTA,  using Fast Ethernet (LAN) Internet connection and to my knowledge I have all recent updates of Flash Player, However, I'm not sure about the Plug-ins I should (perhaps?) have to avoid the staggering.  Can you recommend the specific Plug-in I should check for and install if it has not been installed on my PC yet?  Also: if you consider the Flash Player not to be the 'most efficient technology' - what would you recommend to use instead?

Your further advice would be greatly appreciated...!
ralftaro wrote on 10/7/2009, 7:28 AM

Sorry for the delay. I just caught this by accident. If you're not using the edit or add function to add information to your initial post, people that replied won't get a notification and won't know you added information.

I'm not completely sure why you would be experiencing such a problem and I'm still not 100% positive I understand exactly what is going on, but let me add the following few comments on the things you wrote:

The little video players are based on Flash technology. That's why you will have to use Flash on your end to replay them. So, there's no alternative. There's also just one plug-in you should be using, and that's the official Adobe Flash player plug-in. Just make sure it's the most up-to-date one.

I was commenting on the fact that Flash is not very efficient technology just to illustrate that you will need a powerful system and quick connection. It's not like you can change anything about it. If a website uses Flash, you'll have to live with it. I mean, the technology also has its advantages and few alternatives, otherwise people wouldn't be using it. That will change in the future, when online applications will probably be executed almost with the performance of applications that are running natively and locally. Naturally, that doesn't help you right now.  :-(

The fact that you hook up your Internet connection via LAN doesn't really say much about the true performance of your Internet connection. It just means that the connection between your DSL or cable modem, or whatever you're using, is quick. It doesn't say anything about what you use to really connect to the outside world and how well that connection is performing. As far as system/CPU performance is concerned, I can just tell you that Flash is so inefficient that a Pentium IV system might very well be taxed pretty hard by a lot of Flash applications. One of my systems is a 3 GHz Pentium IV that I've had for a while. I still use it mostly for office, mail/web and some low-key multimedia stuff. Back when it was bought, it was considered a pretty good multimedia system, but I can tell you that using Flash applications one it is no fun at all. That's when the CPU gets really taxed and the ventilation starts getting really noisy - just for some little browser game or something similar. Tells you something about Flash and its efficiency... That said, I still never had a problem replaying a little Flash-based streaming video clip on it, so, ultimately, I'm not really sure where your problem comes from and how to cure it beyond what I mentioned above.

BroBryce2009 wrote on 11/19/2009, 5:48 AM
You know, my mom asked me this same question just the other day.  She was so frustrated with video playback online, she just figured her computer was bad or something.  I told her she might want to try pausing the video (using the "||" pause button) just as the video starts.  Let the video load completely, and then press play. 

She told me the other day that my suggestion has solved all her problems. 

I dunno if this is your issue, but try it out, maybe it will help?