How to drop in an audio edit in the middle of an existing file

Frank-Wittosch wrote on 3/26/2020, 1:08 PM

I am new to Sony Sound Forge Pro 11. I have recorded a voice over and the client wants me to drop in a new sentence into the middle of a paragraph. How do I go about doing this without having to re-record the entire audio file? The Sony manual is very confusing. I am using a Dell Precision 3620 with an I7 chip and a SSD with 16 gb of memory using Windows 10 64 bit.


rraud wrote on 3/26/2020, 1:58 PM

Hi @Frank-Wittosch and welcome to the Sound Forge discussion group.

There a few ways to drop additional audio into an existing file. I think the most intuitive way would be to record new lines and takes to a new file (same sample rate and bit depth) and highlight the segment you wish to use. Select Copy in the Edit menu (or the keyboard shortcut 'Ctrl+C'). Then open the original file if it is not already open and place the cursor at the desired insert point on the timeline and select Paste in the Edit menu (or Ctrl+V).
btw, lossy format files like MP3s should be avoided for many reasons, always work with and edit PCM format files. An end-user MP3 (or other lossy format) file can be encoded from the PCM master if needed.

You may want to experiment with the 'Event' mode if you move sentences around a lot.