How to find/display Pitch information in SF Music Studio

Jeffery-Rowley wrote on 9/23/2020, 9:39 AM

I have been using Cool Edit Pro since it's start and eventually Adobe Audition and recently gave up my subscription because it was ghastly expensive and many features that I used frequently were no longer available. So I have turned to AudioStudio and am on current version 14.

I prepare Audio Samples for compilation in *.wav 48kHz 32 bit application. Specifically Pipe Organ Samples. I need to know what the current pitch of my files are as that information is saved for use in a virtual pipe organ for pitch/temperament changes and it has to be very accurate. This used to be a 'feature' in Audition/Cool Edit Pro and it no longer lives in the software. This information goes into the META Data for each file and there is one file per note/pipe including multiple separate Attack and Releases. It is rare that I would have to actually resample the file to correct really bad pitch of a pipe but I also need to store that information in the META Data for use in a compiled set. I am familiar with Audio Studio and have not yet found the display of current pitch anywhere.

Is there a way to show the actual pitch information in AudioStudio 14?


I am using a Windows 10 Pro PC with an AMD A8-5600K APU with Radeon™ HD Graphics @3.60GHz - 32.0 GB RAM on a 64 bit operating system with a x64 based processor. Free space on HDD 5+TB.


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