How to get support/file a ticket

TLMuse wrote on 5/26/2018, 11:04 PM

Hi SFPM users-

I'm trying to file a ticket. I go to the tech support page:

In the pro audio support section, it says this is where to file tickets. So I hit "Learn more" right under that.

This takes me to the Pro Audio Service Center:

It says this is where to file tickets. There's a Sound Forge button. I click it and get to the login page:

Well, I'm already logged in, but it wants me to do it again, so I do. That takes me to my account page, where there is no obvious place to submit a ticket. I try various things before noticing that, at the bottom of the page (and not visible without scrolling), there's a technical support link in small type. Clicking that takes me... the tech support page I started on, except scrolled to the bottom now, where there's a link to a personal service area.

So I click that and get sent to different Magix site. There I have to log in again.

Several links into that, I finally get to an app list, but SFPM 3 is not listed. So I'm going with Sound Forge Pro 12 (Win). Hopefully that will help me.

I'm trying to find a more diplomatic word than "idiotic" to describe this process, but I can't. Anyway, I'm posting this in case it might help another unfortunate Magix SFPM customer.

Gees, Magix, do you actively want to lose users?!


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