how to get the voices from my keyboard onto magix music maker when the midi cable is connected

Zumbaproductions wrote on 3/16/2010, 3:26 PM

Help! i have a yamaha keyboard and i will record all of my midi files on music maker using the voices that are on my keyboard, and then export it and when i try listening to my exported file, there is no sound!!!
If anyone knows how i could get the voices from my keyboard onto magix music maker so that i can export my songs please.


bobbynuts wrote on 3/16/2010, 5:53 PM
I'm not an expert on what you are trying to do but would you not have to record the output of your Yamaha to an audio track ?

The manual says :- All MIDI objects which open external synthesizers via a MIDI interface will have to be converted into audio objects if you want them to be exported as well. They only contain control information for sound reproduction. For this to happen, the output of the MIDI synthesizer (e.g. the soundcard) must be connected to the input of the sound card. The MIDI data can then be played and recorded simultaneously via the record function. The result is an audio file that can be edited and exported together with the multimedia files. hope that helps
Procyon wrote on 3/17/2010, 3:01 PM
Recording "the voices from my keyboard" has nothing to do with MIDI.

You simply need to connect the audio output from the keyboard to the Line IN on your computer sound card or audio interface.  Make sure the Line IN is turned up and not muted in your computers operating system.

Then, record as a standard audio recording.
Zumbaproductions wrote on 3/17/2010, 3:07 PM
i don't have a sound card or anything like that on my computer, the midi cable has one end midi and one end USB. Any thing else i can do?
Procyon wrote on 3/17/2010, 3:36 PM
I've never heard of a modern computer without a sound interface.  Whether you have a stand-alone sound card or onboard sound on the motherboard, there should be a row of multi-colored jacks somewhere on your computer.  The Line IN jack will be the blue one.  It is a 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo jack.

You cannot record "the voices on my keyboard" using a MIDI cable/interface.  You can only record "MIDI information" (non-audio) to a MIDI editor/sequencer by using your keyboard as a MIDI contoller.  Then, the MIDI information is "played" by a virtual  (software) instrument (VSTi), the synth engine on your sound card, or sent back out over the MIDI cable to drive an external synth or sound module.

To use your keyboard as a MIDI contoller, you need to turn off the keyboard voices off by setting the keyboard to "Local/OFF".
You should set the keyboard to transmit on MIDI channel 1.
You need to set MMM to receive the MIDI signal in the Program Settings ('Y' key, Audio/MIDI tab).  Set the Input Device, and make sure the receiving MIDI channel is set to channel 1.

If you've recorded MIDI information, you will need to convert it as bobbynuts has described.
Zumbaproductions wrote on 3/19/2010, 5:40 PM
so it's not possible to use the voices off of my keyboard on mmm
bobbynuts wrote on 3/19/2010, 7:42 PM
Hi again,
If you don't have a sound card on your PC then there is no way of getting the audio from your yamaha back into the PC ... audio doesn't go down a midi cable.
To be honest, MMM isn't much use to you without a sound card - but like Procyon says all computers sold nowadays have at least a basic soundcard - have a look for a headphone socket ... the line in is usually nextdoor.

Zumbaproductions wrote on 3/23/2010, 11:07 AM
if i did have a soundcard, how would i do it then. cause if all modern computers have them then i probebly do, so i will give anything a try
bobbynuts wrote on 3/23/2010, 6:00 PM
On your Yamaha look for a socket or sockets marked 'line out' they could be phono type connectors or a jack plug type.

Next, on your PC look for your soundcard connectors ... usually round the back ...sometimes near your hard drive bays ... sometimes both. you should see at least two sockets probably more and sometimes colour coded as below.
Pink = Microphone In (mono)
Blue = Line-In (stereo)
Green = Line-Out / Front Speakers / Headphones

If you have a laptop the line in is sometimes the same socket as the mic in and are usually 3.5mm mini jacks.

You now need a cable with the right connectors on each end to connect your keyboard line out to your computer line in.

By the way ... how did you try to listen to your exported file ?

Hope that helps.
Zumbaproductions wrote on 3/26/2010, 12:12 PM
there is no line out socket on my keyboard, although there is on my laptop.
i listened to my exported file in a wma and mp3 format on windows media player. I also listened to them again on magix music maker in both formats but neither worked
bobbynuts wrote on 3/27/2010, 6:51 PM
Last Chance ! ...Try the headphone output from your keyboard ... but turn the volume way down.

So set set up your midi connections - set midi out to your keyboard in Magix program settings play your midi file and you should hear your keyboard produce the sound ... connect your audio lead from your keyboard headphones socket to your line in on your PC and then record your keyboard audio to another track - remember to select your line-in in the record dialogue. In other words you will be playing the midi file and recording the audio at the same time.
Procyon wrote on 3/30/2010, 11:03 AM
"there is no line out socket on my keyboard"

I'll bet there is!  On my Yamaha, it is labeled (HEAD)PHONES/OUTPUT.

This would have been easier if you would have told us the make and model of your keyboard and computer at the very beginning.  And, we're still waiting....
Zumbaproductions wrote on 4/2/2010, 7:36 AM
i have the cable in place but now i don't hear anything at all when i play it on the program, what should i do?
bobbynuts wrote on 4/3/2010, 5:56 PM
If your audio lead is still plugged into the headphone socket of your keyboard you won't hear anything from your keyboard.

Can you see an audio waveform in music maker where you were supposed to record the audio output of your keyboard when you played the midifile. If you can see this track plug your headphones into your PC headphone socket and playback the track

If you cannot see an audio track you have not recorded the output of your keyboard .... you wont hear anything.

If you are still having trouble please send some additional information ... screen shots of your arranger window etc otherwise it is almost impossible to help you.
Zumbaproductions wrote on 4/4/2010, 1:56 PM
i just found somthing else, when i try to export a song into a mp3 format it tells me
'midi objects can be found in range. Activate the corresponding Track VST instruments, so that the midi information in the file you wish to create can be heard.'
Could that help in anyway?
bobbynuts wrote on 4/4/2010, 4:19 PM

Not really - unless you wish to play back / export your midi track using an instrument in music maker or a VST you have added rather than your external Yamaha keyboard.

In relation to my previous answer... do you have an audio track recorded ?

Zumbaproductions wrote on 4/7/2010, 2:03 PM
i am not very good with the technical side of things, so can you explain what a audio track is.
bobbynuts wrote on 4/8/2010, 5:18 PM
In your MM arranger you should see a midi track which is a file that stores the keystrokes you have made on your keyboard - this can be played back to either control a VST instrument in MM or an external sound making device such as your keyboard.

What you are trying to do is record the sound of your keyboard controlled by your playing midi file  - this will generate a recording in another track of MM if you have correctly connected a lead from your keyboard to your pc sound card, selected this in a spare track and set it to record audio. see the screen grab below to see what a midi track looks like and what an audio track looks like (arrowed).

Zumbaproductions wrote on 4/9/2010, 11:15 AM
Thanks guys, you rule. It has worked and i would like to thank you for putting up with my inexperience.
bobbynuts wrote on 4/9/2010, 5:26 PM
Great ... we got there in the end !!

Don't forget to change the question status to "solved"
DCMusicCRO wrote on 4/25/2012, 9:12 AM

I have this problems too. I have using "old" Synths from GEM, Kurzwel and Korg. The problem is that you can not specify which Chanel you will receive from midi Keyboard, but good is that you can specify that you can use sound from your keyboard.