How to identify faces in my photo library

Trevor-Reid9273 wrote on 4/14/2020, 7:59 PM

I have one huge folder called 'Photo Library' that contains all my digital photos. I want to identify the faces in my photos and the help manual instructions says in the page:

More useful functions > Find pictures and make a selection > Recognize faces on pictures (FaceID™)

"...Step 1: Open a photo folder in MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe and select "Edit > Find similar photos > Identify faces on photos"."

This is not the same as in my version of the program (Photo Manager Deluxe version If I select the 'Photo Library' folder in the 'Folders' section of the left-hand navigation, I can choose: 'Edit' > 'Find similar photos' > 'Tag people on photos'

Is 'Tag people on photos' the new way to 'Identify faces on photos'? Am I missing something? How do I identify the photos with faces, so that I can tag them with names? Is there a tutorial somewhere?

Any help appreciated.