Procyon wrote on 12/27/2012, 7:38 PM

The dialogue box has nothing to do with the Soundpool DVD.  It is the standard Windows dialogue box that comes up anytime a media device or disc is connected to a Windows computer.  Simply close it by hitting Cancel.

Installing Soundpools from a disc is simple.  Assuming you have the hard drive space, create a "Soundpool 18" folder in a logical place on your hard drive (HD).  I recommend you do this on a secondary HD if you have one.

Then, access the Soundpool 18 DVD drive through My Computer or Windows Explorer.  Select all of tthe styles folders and copy them to the directory folder you just created.

Then, open MMM, click on "Add styles" in the media pool, find and select the directory folder you just filled with the media files and click OK.  All of the files will then be added to the media pool.

If the styles happen to be listed twice (which is all too common), find the proper tutorial in the tutorial section on this website to find how to correct that situation.