How to installl the Soundpool DVD Collection 15 into Music Maker

llott wrote on 6/27/2009, 8:38 AM
How do I install the Soundpool DVD Collection 15 into the Music Maker 15 Premium that I already have installed on my computer?  Only executable program on the Soundpool DVD looks like it will install a basic version of music maker.  I do not see a way to add the soundpool to my existing Music Maker?  Can anyone help?


ralftaro wrote on 7/2/2009, 11:25 AM

First copy the soundpool directories to your computer's hard drive (just within your file browser/Windows Explorer). You could save them in the directory where you're already storing your other Music Maker soundpools. It's better to have them always available on the actual hard drive. This may, you don't have to fiddle around with the disc anymore, either. If you want them to show up in the soundpool database listing with Music Maker, you need to use the "Add style" button and point it to the location of the files on your disc that you have chosen. It will read and index them in the database.

Btw, the "Add style" button in the soundpool section is only available if you're *not* in the "easy mode", which you can toggle on and off using a switch in the upper left-hand corner of your Music Maker screen.

I hope this helps.