How to Merge My 2 Magix Accounts into 1 email account

djflash808 wrote on 12/17/2022, 7:29 AM

Well -i've been with Magix since 2006 - That's when Hotmail & MySpace were cool .. so i have at least 1 dozen products Reg. --w. my hotmail account . Now Fast Forward to 2023 everything is gmail. (so basically I made a Rooky Mistake) i screwed up - by Opening an Gmail Magix account - then purchased A Full year. Subscription To the (Magix Store Soundpools) - Unlimited Access. (Under my Gmail account) ... (didn't notice the lil msg. that said "Remember to purchase your SoundPool Sub. with the same email as you purchased your MMM) - Until After I just made the Purchase .... Naturally ;;; My MMM Premium is reg under my Hotmail Account .. I tried to update my email address in my Magix Account Settings - but as Fate would Have it *** up popped (Error : That Gmail account is already in Use) - am I The only one who has Day's like this ??? So I cant use my Soundpools since I Purchased them Black Friday week . & it's very Frustrating *** **!!!!! Can one of Magix Caring - Reliable & Dependable Staff Please Merge This Hotmail account along with All My Product Reg History to My *** Email address removed by Moderator *** Magix Account ..... Should be very Simple to do - *** I have copy's of my receipts if i need to upload them *** Thank You *** In Advance *** Please Advise


emmrecs wrote on 12/17/2022, 8:08 AM


These are user to user forums so no-one who posts here can offer you any help or advice different to what you were told in this very similar thread! To emphasise: there are no Magix staff here.

Please follow the correct advice you were previously given.

This thread will be closed.

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djflash808 wrote on 12/17/2022, 4:32 PM

Funny Thing Is - When i contacted Support - I was Told to Post My Question In The Forum -- Lol I Go Figure !

SP. wrote on 12/17/2022, 4:42 PM

@djflash808 The support team member probably didn't know, that you cannot merge two accounts into one single account yourself. This can likely only be done by support staff members with access to the customer database.