how to open .ogg files directly in sound forge pro??

JulioMarischen-Julio wrote on 12/1/2022, 5:49 AM

how to open .ogg files directly in sound forge pro?? do i need some extra codec??

An error occurrend the current operation the file noto opened. make sure the file exists and that you have access to the file/folder

The file Z:\Produtora\WhatsApp Ptt 2022-11-30 at 20.48.34.ogg could not be opened.


SP. wrote on 12/1/2022, 6:39 AM

@JulioMarischen-Julio Sound Forge should be able to open.ogg files fine. Does it work if you copy the file to your desktop? If yes, then it looks like Sound Forge cannot access the folder on drive Z. If no, then it might not be a valid ogg-file. You could analyse the file with MediaInfo.

JulioMarischen-Julio wrote on 12/1/2022, 6:54 AM

I analyzed the file in media info and the result was this

It also does not open with the file on the desktop, I use win 10 22h2

by vlc the audio plays normally

Nome completo                            : C:\Users\Usuário\Desktop\WhatsApp Ptt 2022-11-30 at 20.48.34.ogg
Formato                                  : Ogg
Tamanho do arquivo                       : 53.5 KiB
Duração                                  : 22s 862 ms
Taxa de Bits Total                       : 19.2 kb/s

ID                                       : 0 (0x0)
Formato                                  : Opus
Duração                                  : 22s 862 ms
Nº de canais                             : 1 canal
Channel layout                           : C
Taxa de amostragem                       : 16.0 kHz
Compression mode                         : Lossy
Biblioteca usada                         : WhatsApp

SP. wrote on 12/1/2022, 7:19 AM

@JulioMarischen-Julio Thanks for the information. It looks like your ogg-file contains an opus audio stream. I don't think that Sound Forge can load opus files. You should be able to convert the file with to WAV.

JulioMarischen-Julio wrote on 12/1/2022, 1:17 PM

@JulioMarischen-Julio  Obrigado pela informação. Parece que seu arquivo ogg contém um fluxo de áudio opus. Não acho que o Sound Forge possa carregar arquivos opus. Você deve ser capaz de converter o arquivo com para WAV.

Thanks for the information