How to record (external Keyboard) in MM (P) without overwriting?

arty wrote on 8/15/2019, 3:13 AM

Using an external keyboard, I can record okay, but when recording longer pieces it just starts to overwrite what I have already recorded.

So, where (how) are the settings for longer recording?

(For clarification, I am using an external keyboard to play (any) one of MM Instruments = however, the issue is with the length of recording without overwriting = I only seem able to record very short pieces before it starts to overwrite = and I have no idea how to extend the recording time)

(MM Version



emmrecs wrote on 8/15/2019, 6:22 AM


Slightly a guess on my part but see the screenshot below and make sure the Range (top bar) is set to at least the total number of bars you want to record, or is completely Off; and that Loop (lower left side box) is also Off (not highlighted).



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arty wrote on 8/15/2019, 9:59 AM

Thanks a lot, emmrecs, really appreciate it.

Well, I thought the Range Bar was off, as it was not showing at all (no yellow showing), but now I am not so sure. The Loop was off = at least it wasn't highlighted either!

I have been using MM since 2007 and in all those years have gone through lots of crashes and weird issues. In the early period of those years, it was really bad.

Even though I had actually bought the 2019 version, I was in fact still using the 2016 version, because I found it to be one of the most stable (and because I wasn't too keen on the new Magix yearly renewal system). Since I had been doing my recordings with other software I had hardly used MM at all this year. However, yesterday I finally installed the 2019 version.

Maybe I was just out of touch with MM? But I had loads of trouble this morning when I wanted to use the 2019 MM for recording. The program crashed after I selected one of the instruments to use. After that came the overwriting issue! The bar wasn't showing (yellow). I remembered to switch off the Loop after the first recording failure, but still, it kept overwriting after a really short period of recording.

After wasted hours I gave up and switched my computer off. Was considering using other software again, but I don't give up easily, so started the computer and MM2019 again. Straight away I saw the yellow bar, and no problem, I could extend it = great I thought! Not so great = during recording it kept suddenly stopping with recording for no reason and bar setting not reached. Then a couple of more issues, glitches, until finally, I managed to get one full recording done! Happy, but took me a whole day = still happy I finally got at least one recording done = and back into using MM once again = with the forever glitches!


Thanks a lot, Jeff, your help made me focus on the bar as a possible issue (and encouraged me not to give up) = although I still don't know what the exact problem was! MM glitches!


PS: I have never liked this Range Bar system = I wish they would come up with an improvement to it!