HTH do I authorize my izotope plugins?

cliffetzel wrote on 10/15/2020, 2:45 PM

I purchased Vegas Pro 18 that includes Sound Forge Pro 14 and the associated plugins from iZotope - I can't find any serial numbers to authorize their use on my computers. I can't find a proper contact email form to address this with technical support - so how the hell do I get these plugins authorized without being sent serial numbers?


Former user wrote on 10/15/2020, 3:39 PM

They should really make a sticky thread for this problem. It seems to come up quite a lot.

rraud wrote on 10/15/2020, 4:48 PM

This issue has come up on the Vegas Pro forum as well. It seems the third-party plug-ins (iZotope and such) that normally come with Sound Forge Pro 14 may not be included with the Vegas Pro 18 / Sound Forge Pro deal. I am awaiting a definitive answer from Magix management but you should still contact Magix customer service.