I downloaded the content pack for Magix Music Maker Premium, so where is it???? can't find it.

bshoff2128 wrote on 6/26/2009, 5:27 PM
I downloaded the content pack,  it took me three hours.  When I went to the folder it says it's empty.  I tried to access it through the file manager in Magix Music Maker Premium.  So does anyone know where it went?  I've looked everywhere.   HELP!!


MAGIX_Audio_Team wrote on 7/6/2009, 5:01 AM
Hello bshoff2128,

in order to be able to download synthesizers and sound packs, the following steps will have to be completed once.

Proceed as follows:

- 1. To be able to use Soundpools during the test phase, please download part of the content for free. Click the following path in the program to do so: "Help" -> "Update program / upgrade function" -> "Download free synthesizers and soundpackets..."

- 2. Download the content to your PC (if multiple content packs are offered, then it is recommended that all content packs are integrated into  MAGIX Music Maker.)

- 3. After downloading is completed, navigate on your PC to the downloaded file and open it by double clicking. The sound pack will now be installed.

- 4. Open MAGIX Music Maker and click the button "Add styles" in the Soundpool (this button is not visible in Easy mode).

- 5. Navigate to the MAGIX Music Maker program directory. For normal program installations this will be "C -> Programs -> MAGIX -> Music Maker". Select the "Basics" folder and confirm with OK.

- 6. Restart the program. All of the sounds will now be imported and available immediately after program start.

After activating or purchasing the program, the remaining content will be able to be downloaded for free.

This should help you!

Best regards,
MAGIX Music Maker Team
khalloodaa wrote on 10/18/2010, 3:26 AM

thank you for every thing

thank you thank you for every thing