I got the$49 Music Maker Premium Upgrade with Music Studio and Best of Soundpool DVD and it is missing the Soundpool DVD

ericguitarman wrote on 6/14/2013, 9:05 PM

I got this deal.  It says right here Music Maker Premium, Music Studio, and Best of Soundpool DVD collection for a total of $49  I got my package in the mail just now and there is no Soundpool DVD any where to be seen.  So I went back and read it again and yes there should be a Sound Pool DVD.  We have not recieved what is advertiesed and I am taking it up with Magix sinse they are the vendor I purchased from but in the mean time as it is the weekend and I would like to spend the weekend using my new software I would like to know if I am suposed to download it from Catooh? or something? .  Here is the link that I used to buy this package. http://www.magix.com/?id=11817&L=52&phash=xwrrfN5mDLtYgHUy&utm_source=magix&utm_medium=mail&utm_content=muma2013pr&utm_campaign=US_23_upg   Thank you for helping me.  Hopefully this will be usefull to others in the future.


nihon94 wrote on 6/14/2013, 11:51 PM

The url link of yours is showing as you said, there could be misake in the shipping process. Firs talk with the vendor and when you got reply post here please.


Additional: In my experience Magix or its vendor only offer one service either physical or download. If you had chosen physical BOX in that case you got no download option.

Please you better contact Magix support/ vendor and expalin what you did not receive but be quick. Do not forget to provide them proof of purchase such as Order number or payment but do not post here your private information.



ericguitarman wrote on 6/21/2013, 11:08 PM

Indeed it was an error on Magix side and not my own.  I have seen this problem occuring often in the forums and to any one that finds that they did not  recieve the "Best of Soundpool"  I recommend that you contact Magix right away with your order number, ect.....Magix took care of me and said the replacement is on the way.  If it arives in a timely manner I will again post here to let you know how fast their responce is.  But they did admit that it was an error on their side.  I was merchant for a while so I have been on the other side of this and it is indeed easy to make mistakes but I always admit them immediatly and make the customer satisfied. I have faith in Magix and expect they will take care of it.