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How do I get my camera and camcorder into my Magic

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. . . . How do I get my camera and camcorder into my Magic . . .

That depends on the make/model of the camera and whether it saves to internal memory and/or memory card.

Most modern cameras can be connected by USB to the computer, and will appear as another disc drive in Windows Explorer, from which you can copy the video, and image files if the camera takes still images as well, to the computer.

Never work with the video files directly on the camera or memory card.

A few tips on posting in the forum:-

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  • Windows version and is it up to date?  Press and hold down the Windows key and the R key - in the dialog that opens type in winver and press enter.
  • Software full name and version number - as found under Help, About . . .

Also when posting please include the following where applicable:

  • Audio and/or video file formats being imported
  • Export format and settings used
  • MediaInfo data on audio or video - see below

If you have issues with importing audio or video please use MediaInfo to analyse a problem clip and post the results from the Text view in MediaInfo

Also add any other information you think may be relevant.

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