emmrecs wrote on 1/26/2021, 4:32 AM


Welcome to the Magix user to user forums.

First, please don't post ENTIRELY IN CAPITAL LETTERS. It is considered to be the forum equivalent of SHOUTING and your post is liable to be ignored!

Also, why did you choose Music Maker as your product when your question is about the purchase of Sound Forge? I have moved your post to the correct area.

However, I suspect the problem you have is that your bank deliberately limits the number of times that your debit card can be used and the amount that can be debited to it in any 24 hour period, especially if the earlier payment you mention was also to Magix. IOW, if you try again after a reasonable gap, perhaps as long as a day, the payment should go through as normal, I think.

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DENNIS-ALLRED wrote on 1/26/2021, 7:03 AM

Jeff I just typed in my credit card info a bunch of times is why I was in caps. And yes I did just purchase Sound Forge 15 and I have recorded for years using from the earliest Cakewalk to the latest Sonars. I have used and love Sound Forge and played around with the Music Maker that came with Sound Forge I just bought . So I wanted to buy the best version of it and went back to buy the best version like I said and if never would take my payment . I didn't realize I was in a forum. I followed a link to talk to a representative. I never meant to yell . I have recorded since reel to reels as a teenager and been very blessed to write and record with a very big session guitarist for many years. I have alot of songs . I thought the music maker program would be fun playing around with some songs I have written. I still want it . It was 3 am I have just bought a new interface and I really don't care for the software that comes with it . I have Sonar and I had a older version of Sound Forge. I have used Sound Forge for many years editing songs with . And I really liked what I read about the newest version and it was a deal as a add on and step up to buy it. And I have owned a older version of Music Maker years ago but at the time I was using Cakewalk from the first edition to the last and then started using Sonars . But I do still want the new premium Music Maker . Sound Forge has always been a great tool for any sound engineer to have . It really does alot more than I personally used it for . My friend I recorded with had a album and I used a older Sound Forge and copied it down from a digital turntable using Sound Forge and was very impressed at the over all result in the mix I got as the end product . Main I used it to convert files and to fade out the ending of my songs and a few other things. Like I said every engineer can benefit from having Sound Forge. I know it's been a great program for me . I never meant to sound like I was yelling . I had been setting up my new interface all day long and didn't like the programs it came with . I really do like what all the new Premium Music Maker has and does. I have tons of songs I want to run through it and just play around with it and see what all it does . As a matter of fact I didn't know Magix had bought Sound Forge I had bought it from Sony I believe for years . I am sorry if I came off as yelling. But now you get no disc with any interface and I downloaded all day and installed the programs with my new interface and I don't really like the programs it came with . So then I upgraded my Sound Forge that I love using and tried and really enjoyed Music Maker so I want the best version of it . The link said the sale comes off in the next day or so I was frustrated. After just using the same card and then couldn't buy the Music Maker premium version. Sorry if I came off as yelling . I thought I was posting to a representative at 3 am . I have setup many interfaces for alot of years now . I enjoy recording and writing songs and have been very blessed to work with the people I work with . Some of the very best in the business. Recording has came a very long way from my reel to reels I use to record with . It's alot easier and alot more tools to get the end results you really want. The younger generation probably doesn't understand just how far it really has came with digital recording verses reel to reel and adats ect . You had to get it right no punching in alot of cutting tape and you could just as easy end up with a mess than a very good end result with tape . And the only thing you could do is get a new reel of tape and start over haha . That was the sink or swim recording years Haha. Thank you I want to delete that post and this one as well and get the new Music Maker Haha and get back to recording. Have a great day