nihon94 wrote on 10/15/2010, 4:28 AM



No problem it is easy, you did not mentioned which version of Magix do you use?


I think it will be better if you look at photos and text in this pdf

Soundpool problem and solution faq for MMM 16 Premium



How to add soundpool in Library.


When Magix Music Maker is open, and easy mode is turned off you can see Addstyles click on it then browse the soundpool, suppose you got DVD insert in to DVD or CD Rom and it is better to save on computer. Example

First make a folder anywhere in computer such as Best of then insert Soundpool DVD and copy it to the folder BEST OF after that from Magix Music Maker click on Addstyles button browse and when you got BEST OF folder click on that folder the OK it will be added in the Magix Music Maker's Library.


I suggest please read above Pdf that will help you.

If still need help send message.


Thank you