I just bought the Soundpool DVD Collection 17 for my Music Maker 17 program. How do I import it into the Music Maker 17 so I can use the sounds?

paste52 wrote on 2/4/2011, 6:21 PM

I bought Music Maker 17 a week ago. I just bought the Magix Soundpool DVD Collection 17 to use with the Music Maker 17 program. I want to know how to import it into the program so I can use the sounds on the DVD.


Procyon wrote on 2/4/2011, 7:25 PM

That depends.  If you have MM-17 Premium installed, you don't need to install the soundpool DVD.  It's already there.  In that case, you would just keep the DVD for a back-up.


If you have the Basic version of MM-17, then you do want to install and load the Soundpool DVD.


If you have only one hard drive*, the best place to install the soundpool is in the existing MM-17 "Basic_17" folder.  If you hit the 'Y' key in MMM and go to the Folders tab, you can find out exactly where the soundpool is stored.


Then, you simply copy the files from the DVD to that folder.  That way, only the audio files that are not already there will be copied.  You don't want to have two sets of the same files.


Then, the best thing to do would be to delete the existing soundpool in MM-17 and reload it.


First, open MMM. Then, go to File > Settings > Program Settings OR simply hit the 'Y' key. Make sure the "Use Installed Soundpool Even After Reset" box is NOT checked and click on the "Reset Soundpool" button.

The soundpool should now be empty. Close the pop-up by clicking OK.


In MMM, click on "Add Styles"; go to the "Basic_17" folder and click OK.  It should then load all of the soundpools contained in the Basic_17 folder.  This will install all of the Soundpool 17 files in the soundpool.


*Note:  If you have more than one hard drive, it may be better to copy the soundpool DVD to the second hard drive.  This will allow both hard drives to work independently at the same time.  The main drive can run the program functions while the second drive is reading the audio files.