I just want to eliminate, out of a video, only one scene, the last scene....that is all!!

emaemail wrote on 9/7/2008, 5:06 PM
I am getting a little bit frustrated here , I've been trying the whole weekend with out results. I shot a 3 minute video of my son doing waterskiing, I just want to eliminate the only scene where he falls..that is only one picture....that is all..!!!.......HELP!!! PLEASE!!! HOW DO I DO THIS. I am new to this so please explain with details.
Thank you so much!!


siglersmalz wrote on 9/8/2008, 2:27 AM

I use Movie Edit Pro and have never seen Xtreme Photostory, but it is likely the two programs are similar.  In Movie Edit Pro, the method is to change your movie to the Timeline Mode, where the video frames are in Track 1 and the audio is in Track 2.

Zoom in to a more granular view of your frames (Ctrl 4 works for me) and get close to the beginning of the scene you want to remove.  Then hit Ctrl 1 to zoom in to maximum where you see each frame. 

Position the line "cursor" to the beginning of the first frame of the scene to remove.  Find a function called or similar to "Split Scene" or "Split Objects".  This is not the scissors in the cut, copy, paste area.  Look in the "Edit" menu and you might see "Split Objects".  This splits your project into two sections.  You can then delete the unwanted scene by hitting your delete key on your keyboard.

Keep in mind, this will delete everything from that point to the end of the movie, so if there are any scenes you want to keep after your undesired scene, you need to split those out before hitting delete.

If you goof, you should have the Edit - Undo function available.

Sorry this is so cryptic, but, as I said, I've never seen Xtreme Photostory. Hopefully, someone with experience can fill in the details.