I'm New, Want To See Peers Pics & Can Magix Do All I want To Do

travisab1 wrote on 11/14/2007, 11:24 PM
I see Avatars, (photos are better). I want my Magix to be to the limit when it comes to Video/Audio Editing. I want to get accuainted to all here. I do all sorts of editing and want to see Magix surpass Pennical, (Memory Hog) and any other video/audio editing programs...(Windows Movie Maker encluded). I've used Magix more than 6 years now. Magix video is new for me. Help in Magix Video would be greatly appreciated.


Lazerboy wrote on 11/15/2007, 5:40 AM

this is a knowledge base community. We are here to share our knowledge, to learn and to help others. This is not a guest book, so feel free to post any kind of concrete question about a product or a specific problem around multimedia. Also you are welcome to answer any open question and to help to fill this community with life...