Burton-Allan wrote on 4/21/2022, 7:41 PM

Hi, I downloaded my Spectra Layers 3. I'm trying to install on a new Windows computer. Sound Forge works fine now. Had some bugs, but, I found a fix. When Spectra Layers loads to install, it starts and does not install. It goes to a screen and asks me to log in or register. No place to enter activation code. You fill out your email and password to your account, click proceed and then nothing. I tried both re-registering and using my current account user/password. All my other software was normal installation and then you put in the activation code. All my other software works. Sound Forge, Vegas and all are older versions.


SP. wrote on 4/22/2022, 3:01 AM

@Burton-Allan Maybe this is caused by the switch of the SpectraLayers software from Magix to Steinberg. You probably need to download an updated version 3 from Steinberg. I would guess that the registration servers of Magix are no longer available to unlock the software. Or maybe you need a Steinberg account to unlock it.