I own a Go Pro 100 helmet camera, it records in MP4, when using Magix Easy HD video I loose all audio?

gwaugh64 wrote on 7/25/2011, 11:22 PM

I copied & purchased the Magix Video Easy software about 3 months ago and it worked okay for editing the MPEG4 files (using the free eval copy) that my Go Pro HD camera creates. I recently activated the software and easy video downloaded some updates and new codec for MPEG4. Now every time I load the original MPEG4 file, there is no audio in Easy Video, if I play the original MPEG4 file in VLC the audio is there. I wanted to ask Magix for help but although I only just activated my license, support last 56 days from registration which is apparently the same day you purchase the software, not when you activate it. I will NOT pay $13 for help, so I wanted to ask if anyone else knows why the audio would dissapear? I assume it is a problem with the Codec, but do not know where I can source a new one from or how to get Easy Video to discard the current Codec and either return to the previous one (that did work) or use a new one.. So far I have had a few problems with the Magix software and am far from feeling any love from this company.. This is my first time at editing MPEG4 files and would appreciate any suggestions/ideas.

Regards  Gary


john-auvil wrote on 7/26/2011, 11:41 AM

What all did you update?

I have a few MPEG-4 videos and they open (with audio) on the Video Easy. Perhaps one of these other programs you have installed is causing a error?

gwaugh64 wrote on 7/26/2011, 1:12 PM

I have not installed any software since Easy Video last worked, only the Easy Video software itself applied some updates and a one time MPEG4 Codec.. Prior these easy Video updates, the software worked fine.. Nothing new was installed as I was on holiday and the computer was turned off.. Windows has installed some updates (Am running XP) but looking at the history, there is nothing that would affect video or sound, mostly security updates.



john-auvil wrote on 7/27/2011, 9:52 AM


Is there a way you can share a sample video with audio captured from the camera? I would like to see if I get the same results.

I am running Windows 7, I have Magix Video Easy HD. I have run all the updates and all the MPEG-4 and AVCHD videos open with the audio.

gwaugh64 wrote on 7/27/2011, 10:06 AM

I would be happy to send a sample MPEG4, what is the easiest way to get the file to you? I can create a very short video (10 seconds long) for you to try.