I stop midi recording and it keeps recording

Barth_01 wrote on 5/22/2023, 11:22 PM

Hi, when I finish recording Midi, a window appears asking if I want to keep the recording or delete it, but in the meantime it keeps recording! After choosing to keep it, the recording ends and the object is longer than desired. If I click stop to end the recording, it's supposed to stop recording, even though a dialog box appears.

I have gone to configuration and I see that the option that is activated is "query after the end of the recording".
There is another option that is "query after the end of the recording, the recording continues", which in fact is what happened, but I do not have that option activated.

I find it strange that after hitting the stop button it continues recording. If I disable the dialog window in settings then when I hit stop it stops the recording, but i would like it to do this with the dialog window.
So would there be a way to stop the recording when pressing stop, with the dialog window activated ?


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