nihon94 wrote on 10/14/2010, 10:07 PM



You asked

"I want to download the demo arrangement for hip hop in magix music maker 16 cause i can't find it"


I do not think there is any Demo for Hiphop or others Styles. If you use full version of MMM 16 you will get styles, if you are using demo version you will get three Hiphop, RockAlternatice and Technotrance.


Thank you


angawy wrote on 10/15/2010, 6:18 AM

in the welcome dialog it have load demo song then when i press on it i find rock alternative only and mine version isn't demo

nihon94 wrote on 10/15/2010, 10:08 AM



Now I understand your problem.

You want to load Demo but you are unable to do that.

You can browse and but you have to know where Demo files are on computer.

I got Windows Vista Home Premium and Magix Music Maker 16 Premium Demo files are located at

C: Program Data\Magix Music Maker 16 Premium\Demo

Inside demo there are all styles.


Note: to see Program Data manually  these files are hidden have to use

Tools/Folder Options/View/Show all Files and Folder(I got Japanese version English may be similar)

later you must hide files.


To browse from Magix Music Maker your Demo and load, use File/Load then locate Demo folder and choose style you want.


Hope this answer will help you


Thank you


angawy wrote on 10/15/2010, 10:15 AM

thnx but i mean i don't have them already