Im going crazy...

daniel40 wrote on 9/21/2019, 11:30 AM

So.. I recently bought a computer for my 11 year old son to play on. It was installed and had MMM v24 on it and he really started to love doing loops and music and now I bought him a mic and everything is going to h#ll!

I have tried everything to get it to work so he can record but i missed something.

The problem is the mic (not really but windows) takes the sound from the mic and from whatever loops is on and records it. The voice sonds a bit robotic. The instruments playing are either to slow or really fast.

Its a onboard soundcard, asus 270-p motherboard. Mic from ebay with a 48V phantom power.

What i have done is setting up asio4all and tried everything.... Im going to loose my hair (whats left of it) over this.


Anyone feel like taking over his comp and try to fix it? Dunno what im doing... It was along time ago i had my Atari and recorded midi :)


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