Importing into AVI format with Video Easy?

Irtep wrote on 1/30/2010, 10:05 AM
I bought Video Saver 2.0, which contains Video Easy I assumed that I'd be able to capture analog video into AVI format in PC, but I cannot find any setting or option for doing that. Is it possible at all? AVI is uncompressed, hence it should give better results in video editing than mpeg2, which is the default format.


steveunkles wrote on 1/31/2010, 6:05 PM
I don't know Video Easy, and I have actually posted a similar question here, using MEP.  I can say that if you use Magix (MEP, anyway) from capture to final delivery, it works (so far, anyway) without a hitch, very nicely.  But if you need to export to another program, you want a generic DV-AVI.  I, too, am baffled by it not being an option.  MEP uses mxv files, which appears to be a proprietary version of AVI.  So the question will be " can I at least convert to AVI without compromise?  I don't know yet, but my attempts so far have had issues of flickering, especially where graphics appear.  I am hoping that there are certain settings to choose either in capture or output that will avoid this.  Sorry I can't help more.
Good luck,