Impulse Response File Convolver & Mixing Support for Acid Pro 8

drbonkers wrote on 10/22/2016, 12:30 AM

Hi Magix Team,


Congrats on the acquisition of Acid Pro and Sound Forge as I am a loyal paid user of both programs since version 3.0  in the old Sonic Foundry ownership days. I just found out about this switch when checking out the Sony blog regarding this feature request. I am currently running Acid Pro 7 in a 64-bit Windows 7 environment using an AMD processor.


Competing products such as Sonar and Presonus Studio One have native support for impulse response files to use both as reverbs and guitar/bass cabinet simulation files.


My request is for a new version of Acid Pro to much much more natively support not only this type of files, so that I do not have not bounce back and forth between Voxengo and the ancient Sonic Foundry Acoustic Mirror plug-ins in a legacy version of Sound Forge to do this type of work in a very cumbersome way, but also be able to shoot such impulse files natively in Acid and mix various impulse response files to make a mixed impulse response file of them (e.g. mix two different Mashall 4X12  impulse files shot mixed into one file to give the sonic equivalent of playing through a stack of two 4X12 cabinets sonically).


Any plans for such an upgrade of functionalities?


Do you have a timeline for release of the new Acid Pro as we have gone many years without an update. I really do not want to switch from Acid Pro, but the lack of updates is getting me nervous this is going the way of Opcode Studio Vision.



Dr B.


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