In text to speech how can you change the voice?

hgp321 wrote on 8/1/2008, 5:55 PM
I can get my text into the arrangement but I can't change the voice from computer sam to something that sounds nice.  What I am trying to do is have my text read by a nice sounding voice so I can copy it to a cd. I am new to this whole studio thing I bought it just so I could do the one thing I mentioned. It said somewheres that you had a coise of voices but the only choice I can find is computer sam or maybe its called microsoft sam. Any help would be appreciated. I am using magic music maker and I also have magix music editor but I can only find the text to speech option on the mMagix music 12 delux.


ralftaro wrote on 8/25/2008, 1:40 PM
Hi there,

This speech synth feature in Music Maker really just interfaces a feature of Windows and therefore depends on the voices that are available there. In Windows XP that is be default only MS Sam. You can expand the speech synth capabilities via the MS Reader update from Microsoft though. Check their website and documentation on this subject matter.