jtjw60 wrote on 5/26/2024, 4:15 PM

Hi, I recently purchased, downloaded, registered and installed Independence pro standard on an HP i7 32gb ram machine running windows 11 accommodating several DAW including Mixcraft 10 pro, Luna and Bitwig version 5, build 5.1.9


Having read the independence manual I copied my 3rd party VST 2 folder contents to the VST Plug-ins folder created at C:\Users\jimwe\Documents\MAGIX by the Magix Independence installation programme. Independence loaded in Mixcraft 10 pro, I used the refresh VST list tab found on the Independence drop down yet 3rd party VST instruments and VST effects failed to list in Independence.


Is the C:\Users\jimwe\Documents\MAGIX\Independence folder the application folder I should be copying my VST folder contents to or is that application folder located elsewhere?


SP. wrote on 5/26/2024, 4:23 PM

@jtjw60 I think the correct folder is C:\ProgramData\MAGIX\Independence\VST Plug-Ins\

jtjw60 wrote on 5/26/2024, 4:25 PM

Thank you I will now try that.

SP. wrote on 5/26/2024, 4:30 PM


By the way, VST instruments are very limited inside Independence. You cannot use the modifiers with them.

So I recommend you load VST instruments in your DAW and enable MIDI Thru on the step sequencers and arpeggiators and arranger modifiers inside Independence and route the MIDI output of Independence to your VST instrument via your DAWs tracks settings. Independence has a very cool feature. You can simply map MIDI files to your MIDI keyboard by dragging and dropping them onto a key under the mapping tab. You can then play the file with a single finger. With this you can build pretty complex pieces which are very easy to play.

Gary-Keehner wrote on 6/18/2024, 12:01 PM

I have had the same issue. I can load VST2 Kontact instruments, but not VST3. I thought I had read that Independence does not support VST3 - is that true? I would be very happy to learn otherwise!!

SP. wrote on 6/18/2024, 12:18 PM

@Gary-Keehner You're correct. Independence can only load VST2 instruments.