SP. wrote on 6/8/2020, 5:18 PM

Please make screenshots of what you are doing, so we can exactly see it and help you better.

Enriquelab wrote on 6/8/2020, 11:11 PM

Hello, thanks, this is the problem...

1.- Open the installer, 

2.- I select Install

3.- this screen appears

4.- next



5.- At the end this screen appears and it does not allow me to install the library, please help.

SP. wrote on 6/9/2020, 1:51 AM

Thanks for the screenshots. There could be multiple problems.

  1. How big is the installer executable file? Maybe your download of the installer is incomplete and you need to redownload it. That could be the cause the installer says, that the ytif-file is missing.
  2. Maybe Magix servers aren't working. Try it later.
  3. Maybe your firewall is blocking the download. Try deactivating it while installing independence.
  4. Maybe the installer has not sufficient rights to install data on your computer. Try running the installer as administrator with a right click.
Enriquelab wrote on 6/9/2020, 3:34 AM


the size of the installer is 26 mb

SP. wrote on 6/9/2020, 4:59 AM

Ok, the size is normal. The installation works fine for me. I just have to wait for like one minute when the installer says that the ytif file is missing. Then it starts downloading the file.