Independence Pro: Win 10 upgrade

Tony-Mitchell wrote on 2/22/2021, 11:00 PM

using independence pro 3.0 as VST within Abelton 9 with the World Percussion and Bass Libraries.

Upgraded from Win 7 to win 10 64bit and libraries no longer load into Independence pro.

The preference window indicates Independence can see the libraries however instruments longer display in the layers load window.

any suggestions?



Tony-Mitchell wrote on 2/22/2021, 11:36 PM

Indie 3.0 seems to be working but when i try to load instrument I get file not found message. when I find the instrument layers I receive "cannot load file" message

SP. wrote on 2/23/2021, 2:45 AM

@Tony-Mitchell You need to run the installer of the libraries on your new computer or else it will not work. The installer writes registry entries to the Windows registry that are needed to load the instruments.

Tony-Mitchell wrote on 2/24/2021, 3:58 AM

basically full re-install of Indie and libraries?

SP. wrote on 2/24/2021, 4:41 AM

@Tony-Mitchell It should be enough to reinstall the libraries. You don't need to redownload all of them, if you have them already on your hard drive. You can select the files inside the installer.

Tony-Mitchell wrote on 2/24/2021, 6:06 AM

i have all the files saved and oranised on my SSD. easy.