Independence World & Percussion compatible with Mac OS Catalina?

CurtMC wrote on 8/2/2020, 4:54 PM


I own the Independence "World, Ethno, Orchestral & Industrial Percussion" product. I downloaded the product zip file from my registration page, unzipped it, and tried to run the "" application. It gives me the error " needs to be updated" and the learn more takes me to a 32-bit compatibility page:

It seems like this is a 32-bit app but my computer only supports 64-bit? I used to use this in a prior version of Logic on Mac OS and recently got a new Mac Pro with Logic Pro X and Catalina. Any chance this product is compatible with the latest Logic and Mac OS? Will a new build for 64-bit be coming out?

For a quick sanity check, I tried downloading Independence Free product and it appears to be able to run on my Mac. So I'm wondering why the free product would work but the paid product doesn't. Thanks in advance for any help!




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