Inegrating Spectralayers into Prox Suite 7

Fred-Godsmark wrote on 12/5/2022, 1:48 PM


I am trying to set up Spectralayers to run in Samplitude. I have made all of the setting from Kraznet's video but when I get to adding it via "external tools" it says that it is not installed. When I pull it up as an effect while running Samplitude it comes uom showing they it is there. Perhaps I have it in the wrong place?

Any help please and thank you.


SP. wrote on 12/5/2022, 2:05 PM

@Fred-Godsmark I believe SpectraLayers should work just fine as a VST plugin via ARA integration (like Melodyne). In this case, you just need to rescan the VST paths. Does it appear then in the right click menu if you make a right click on an audio object?

Fred-Godsmark wrote on 12/5/2022, 2:29 PM

It seems to be in there, it shows. It just kind of sits there looking dumb once it comes up. I think I have some more reading ahead of me.

Thank you :)

Fred-Godsmark wrote on 12/5/2022, 2:40 PM

Ok, I do have it working. Thank you so much for putting me on the right track!