Vince-HA wrote on 6/9/2020, 3:00 PM

I do not see the "the Monitor drop-down list"


Turning input monitoring on or off

Choose On, Off, or Auto from the Monitor drop-down list to toggle record input monitoring.

When Auto is selected, the input is monitored during pre/post-roll and during recording only.

rraud wrote on 6/9/2020, 5:05 PM

Assuming you already have the the record device selected
- Go to "View> Record options"
- Then select "Arm" (aka, record ready) from the transport (keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+ Shift+ A)
- Viewing the record level meters in the already open 'View> Record' options' window, make any necessary record level adjustments using the source's output or soundcard input.
- Select "Record" in the transport (shortcut: Ctrl+ R) to commence recording.

Vince-HA wrote on 6/9/2020, 5:30 PM