Installing Acid 7 Pro extras: Garritan ARIA, iZotope, etc.

jose-O wrote on 12/11/2016, 1:06 AM

After may years, I tried to install my Sony (R.I.P) now Magix software in a new PC (W7). I had a Sound Forge 10 version, which installed fine. Probably will upgrade to 11.

Now... my Acid Pro 7 CD came with some extras, like

Native Instruments Guitar Combos,

Garritan ARIA Player,

iZotope Acid Pro Effects Rack,

and the Submersible Music Kitcore.

I remember that there was some way to check if these things were installed and could be used in Acid. I still have an Acid plugin registration that came as an image that you had to drop into the Aria plugin once it was opened. Anyone remembers how to use the ARIA plugin in Acid? I kind of remember that I had to go somewhere in Acid and "invoke" it for a first time so that I could activate it with that image. Has anyone installed all these Acid Pro 7 tools lately? The Native Instruments website also changed after so many years and the registration tool that they have doesn't seem to work with these products anymore.

** An update: by looking into the [Insert]->[Soft Synth...] menu tab I found that the KitCore by Submersible is there. I could also found it by Clicking at the Plug-In Manager tab on the bottom, the same, by going into "Soft Synths" in the tree view. So that one if off the list.

** By going into a small icon called "Configure VST" I was able to go into the disk and find a folder that Garritan created for "vstplugins", which had a file "ARIA for ACID Pro VST_x86.dll", so I guess that this was the way to do it. 

** The NI Guitar Combos can be invoked alone, although I see the AcBox Combo, Twang Combo and Plexi Combo in the [PlugIns]-[AudioFx]-[Vendors] tree branch of Acid Pro. Maybe they are partially installed waiting registration, But the NI Service Center tool cannot be reached to activate them. Will check on that later.

What about the izotope Effects Rack?


mjn wrote on 12/13/2016, 3:37 PM

I don't have my studio computer on now to check, but I would think Izotope should show up in the list of effects when clicking a tracks FX button...

Babis wrote on 1/10/2017, 5:35 AM

Double what mjn said. Clicking on a track fx button will pop up the vst fx plugins list, given you have selected correctly your vst folder(s) in Acid's preferences.