installing instruments on another drive?

MrBattlehunter wrote on 8/14/2019, 9:21 PM

Hello there,

My SSD drive is not that big but it keeps installing the instruments from music maker on my C drive even tho music maker itself is installed on another drive and everything I could find under installation and in the program setting has a path to my other drive as well.

is there any way to change where they get installed? (its official MM instruments not custom VST instruments)

thanks in advance!


MrBattlehunter wrote on 8/14/2019, 9:37 PM

I noticed while trying to uninstall/reinstall that there is a separate program listed under configuration screen/programs called "magix content and soundpools" that you have to use to uninstall instruments since it cant be done in MM itself oddly enough, I haven't found a way to open or edit this program to change the file location tho

ralftaro wrote on 8/16/2019, 7:56 AM

Hi there,

For the past few generations (starting in Music Maker 2013), MAGIX music programs have been using a centralised, shared location for the storage of various content components (mainly the software instruments and soundpools that come with the software or are now installed via the in-app store in Music Maker). This would be the default path for that location, containing the various sub folders for soundpools, synths etc.:


This default location can be modified via the custom installation option when installing a MAGIX program making use of that location, like Music Maker. However, here's the catch: This being a centralised, global location, it can only be changed when installing the first piece of MAGIX software that is using it on your system. After that, it's set in stone. When you run subsequent MAGIX software installations, you can still access the customised installation screen in the installer, and maybe change other relevant program folders, but you won't be able to change the location for this particular shared folder.

If you really need to relocate this to a different location/drive, you'd need to uninstall all relevant MAGIX programs, and uninstall *all* of the content managed in that location via the "MAGIX Content and Soundpools" option in Windows' list of installation applications, until eventually that entry completely appears from the list. Now, if you perform a fresh Music Maker or Samplitude Music Studio installation again, you should find that you can, once again, customise the location of this global "Common" folder in the advanced installation options. Future instrument and soundpool installations through the in-app store (current Music Makers) or program installers & content downloaders (old Music Makers, Samplitude/Music Studio, ACID) will then be using the location of your choice. (MAGIX video editing and slideshow programs are now also starting to adopt this concept.)

I hope this info helps!

MrBattlehunter wrote on 8/16/2019, 8:20 AM

Ah thanks, I reinstalled music maker and selected other folders but I didn't realize that it was shared over all magix products it probably inherited the location from vegas pro or soundforge

ralftaro wrote on 8/16/2019, 8:33 AM

You're welcome.

Just a few additional words, to make sure you got all the right info you need to sort this out: I don't think the VEGAS or SOUND FORGE product lines would have set and used this folder - at least not in their previous and current versions. VEGAS may do so at some point in the future, SOUND FORGE probably never will, since it's not a "content product". It's going to be the traditional MAGIX video/slideshow products (Movie Edit Pro, Photostory, Video Pro X) that are going to use this globally shared folder in the future to more easily share content between applications and avoid redundancies.

So, the folder may have been set into stone even just by your previous Music Maker installation (and even if you don't have any other MAGIX music programs or older Music Maker versions on your system). After uninstalling Music Maker, the content in the shared folder (instruments, soundpools) is still going to stay behind, to be used by any other suitable MAGIX music production application that you're going to install. You're not going to get another shot at customising this folder until you completely uninstall all of that content via "MAGIX Content and Soundpools", as per the instructions above.