installing soundpools to ...add styles

mista_lcd wrote on 9/21/2010, 5:53 PM

I just recently purchased the Magix Music Maker 16 Premium Download Version and everything seemed to be cool at first but when I tried to download and install the free soundpools and instruments I keep having problems. I've tried all the other forum suggestions and they don't work for me. The instructions are saying

1. Go to C:> Program files> Magix> and click on basics folder.

But there is no basics folder for me to click on (its missing) (nothing there)

So from that point i'm stuck. I've even tried to create a "Basics_16" folder and that doesnt work either. I've tried to go to settings and click off the "use installed soundpool even after reset" box and reset all soundpools and that doesn't work. I've tried reinstalling the content over and over and over again and that isn't working. I really need serious help please. I paid of $100 for this downloadable product and i'm not getting my money's worth. Hopefully someone can help me here because magix customer service is not a great help at all. Thanks


nihon94 wrote on 9/21/2010, 8:34 PM




Just one thing, I wish you should have mentioned if you use windows xp, vista or 7? that help a lot to answer properly but no problem


Do not worry just read these two Pdf they will show you everything you need to know. Instructions are given in text and with photos so any one can easily follow.


How to upgrade MMM 16 & install MMM 16 Premium download version? and How to add MMM 16 Premium extra packages


Soundpool problem and solution faq for MMM 16 Premium


If you still need help send message.


Thank you


Former users wrote on 9/29/2010, 1:24 AM



Follow this step.


1. copy all sounds to a folder placed in C: ( beware, Never ever move the folder after that ) because if you do, you will lose your music work ))


2. then open magix, on the top left side on screen, under the logo, MAGIX, there you can change to easy mode on/off change to easy mode off, that means, under the MAGIX Logo, press the left of two button.


3. Now you will be able to see the, ADD STYLE BUTTON, down in the middle of the screen, press add styles, and then go to the folder there you placed your styles, dont go into so you can see all styles, go to the main folder and just press, ADD, then all styles will be loaded. Thats it.


and again, never ever move the sound from that folder, always have them in the same place.




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