Instrument Recording did not save with the project.

JMRSNL wrote on 8/15/2019, 10:06 PM

So I began a new project. Started by using my piano instrument and recorded my 1st track with my keyboard. Then moved on and recorded 2 other instruments and then I got some soundloops in then completed my project. I then saved the project then the next day I opened my project and all the tracks with an instrument recordings were gone. The only tracks that stayed were the soundloops. What happened at this point? Is there a certain way I was supposed to save my instrumental recordings? The day before i was able to loop and cut my recording. Why wasn't it saved the way I left it? Thank you. I looked through the manual page 85 about midi but found no solution. FYI Music Maker 2020 premium edition, Window 10.


emmrecs wrote on 8/16/2019, 3:38 AM


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What is the setting under Program settings (shortcut P)>Folders on your computer for "Recordings"? I've attached a screenshot of mine below, which is highly customised so will be different to yours.

Have you checked the contents of whichever folder is shown on your screen?


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Ximege wrote on 8/26/2019, 10:59 AM

I have the same problem, issue isn't not knowing where are the projects, but files and bars disappiring from saved projects. It doesn't save at all, even if you hit that save button and others save's it won't save "whole".