Is this normal behavior of Magix?

Frans-S wrote on 2/9/2020, 11:37 AM

Dear video friends,

Is this normal behavior of Magix?
In 2017 I bought the boxed version of Magix Video deluxe Premium. Video deluxe is the same as Movie Edit Pro, just another name for the same product. In the advertisement it said that it would come with Vasco da Gama as bonus software and 1 year of update service. And indeed, also on the box it says: “Now incuding Update Service / 1 year all new functions free / Always the newest version / Program usable for an unlimited time” (texts were in Dutch, translated by me).

Unfortunately I was not able to start installing and using the product immediately, due to an unexpected long time work assignment. I contacted Magix about it and they assured me that I could install the product later when I would in the opportunity to pick-up video-editing again, even if that would be a few years later. The date of registration of the product would be decisive and would also be the start date of the update service. The bonus software would also be included, even if I installed the product a few years later.

Three month ago, in December 2019 I was finally in the opportunity to resume video editing again. So I installed Video deluxe Premium and also successfully installed Vasco da Gama version 9. Vasco da Gama v9 functioned fine. My Video deluxe Premium was registered on my Magix account on December 8th 2019. Next I started the built-in update function and indeed after a few update cycles it reached the 2020 version, like I just bought the product. In the course of the update process Vasco da Gama v9 was replaced by v11.

Initially that looked fine to me, but I soon discovered that Vasco da Gama v11 couldn’t start without a serial number. According to publisher (MotionStudios) the serial number should be provided by Magix. However, when I contacted Magix the Dutch speaking support-person refused to give me a serial number for Vasco da Gama v11.
And I couldn’t use Vasco da Gama v9 neither, because is was overwritten by v11.

So, I payed for a product with bonus software, but  I ended up with the product only, without functional bonus software.
Magix gave several reasons for not supporting this deficiency:
-    “Couldn’t give support to old plugins, because the codecs aren’t valid anymore.” ??? Very strange, because Vasco da Gama operated fine until I started updating, .
-    “Bonus software is only provided with new installs and paid update-service”.
So, there are apparently 2 types of updates: free 1 year update service and paid 1 year update service. At the moment that one buys the product, only one type of 1 year free update service is mentioned and even used as a promotion feature. No mentioning of the fact that it is a crippled update service compared to the paid update service. Even this Magix-site is not clear about the 2 types of update-service: .
One of the headings literally say: “All new features and extras for 1 year”. Note: “and extras”.
This sounds like a misleading policy and in conflict with European consumer rights. There are users on the German community site ( ) too, who point at Magix' contempt of consumer rights.

Conclusion: To receive the free bonus software I have to buy another 1 year update-service, despite the fact that I already have a 1 year update-service that came with my boxed Video deluxe Premium and is valid until December 8th 2020.
Thus to achieve the “free” bonus software will cost me at least € 69,99 (or $ 69,99) extra.
In their advertisement in December 2019 Magix promised a large bundle of bonus software if one updates Video deluxe Premium before January 2nd 2020:
- Vasco da Gama (v11)
- FXhome Ignite Lighting
- NewBlue Filters 5 Refocus
- Ultimate Mix
My registration was on December 8th 2019 and I finished the updates on January 1st 2020. So, I assumed that I would somehow receive the 4 bonus programs. At that time I was still thinking that my 1 year update-service would cover that. I had no indication that there were 2 types of 1 year update-service (the paid version). (Nothing about a restriction in the manual neither.)
Result: Now I still have no functional bonus software at all.

Of course I contacted Magix about it. See their answers above. My last question about it was on January 25th by email to the Dutch speaking Magix support-person, but until today I didn’t receive an answer yet and I still have no functional bonus software.
Is the above normal behavior of Magix?


browj2 wrote on 2/9/2020, 12:33 PM

This has been discussed before. No, you do not get bonus programs, plugins, or new versions of bonus programs with the Update Service. The Update Service is just for the Magix program that you purchased.

The Bonus software that you got is what came with the deal at that time. If the vendor offers a new deal/different software later (like 2 or 3 years later!) then logically you would have to pay for it.

Count yourself lucky, given the fact that you managed to get MEP2020 after paying for only the 2017 or 2018 version. It is now 2020, and the update service is for only one year. BTW, if you have to reinstall after the end of the period and you have not renewed, your version will revert to what you purchased initially, not 2020.

How did you manage to install v11 of VdG? When you downloaded and installed the additional content, was the box for VdG unchecked but you checked it?

Motion Studios has no Update Service for VdG.

The only thing that I can suggest is to uninstall everything, reinstall the initial version of MEP and VdG 9 and use the S/N for VdG. Then update to 2020, and do not download and install VdG 11 when you install the additional content for 2020.

BTW, VdG is now at version 13.

John C.B.

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Frans-S wrote on 2/12/2020, 8:41 PM

Hello browj2,

Thank you for your quick explanation.
Apparently, I have to clarify to a few points that you mention.

- Although this item might have been discussed before, I was not involved in that discussion and I couldn’t find any matching reference to this item on the forum.

- It wasn't luck that I managed to update to MEP2020, it was promised by Magix. I asked Magix in advance what would happen if had to postpone installation and activation for a long time. If their response would have been less optimistic I would have passed on/sold the program to a friend for his immediate installation and use.

- I suppose that VdG v11 was simply installed when I chose all check boxes. I can’t remember any special action when I downloaded the additional content.

- I doubt that your final suggestion will work. I tried it already. VdG v9 was on the CD in the box and the only included serial number was for Video deluxe. There were no additional serial numbers on the purchase confirmation or invoice. But even without serial number VdG v9 operated fine immediately after installation. It operated fine despite the fact that I couldn’t register it with MotionStudios. Registration with MotionStudios requirted a serial number too.
In the process of updating the original Video deluxe Premium I also tested VdG v9 between updates. I remember that it already failed to function before the final update that brought v11!
Apparently Video deluxe has also some influence on VdG v9. Result: the bonus software that came with the original Video deluxe doesn’t function anymore after updating Video deluxe.

My main objection is that prior to the purchase Magix is not transparent about the difference between the 1 year update service that comes with the purchase of Video deluxe and a separately bought update service. Transparency to consumers is required by European consumer rights.