Issues with Music Maker 2024 once downloaded and trying to upgrade.

James-Sansenbach wrote on 6/7/2024, 6:21 AM

I have been having issues everytime I try to use the 2024 version of Music Maker Premium. All my recorded songs I created on previous versions are all messed up. The tracks are sped up even though they are at 100 they are running as if at 500. I have previously downloaded and than deleted the 2024 version because it's always messed up when I finish the download. There are many issues with that version as far as not having the latest songs I recorded on them from all earlier versions of Music Maker that I end up using because 2024 isn't running right. It also slows down and stops when i hit play, it takes a long time for everything to get in sync but when it looks like everything will be ok, problems. I just recently paid for the 2025 version and you had the 2024 version attached to download while I wait for the 2025 version. I already previously upgraded the 2024 version but deleted it due to the problems mentioned but since you sent me what looked like a great deal for the 2025 version I paid for it. And again I downloaded the 2024 version as instructed and again the same issues. Now I have to again download my earlier paid versions for Music Maker to work correctly. Suggestions? I'm running Windows 10 and I have no issues with anything except when I download the 2024 version of Music Maker Premium.



SP. wrote on 6/7/2024, 7:18 AM

@James-Sansenbach Navigate to File > Settings > Program Settings > Audio/MIDI. Here select an ASIO driver, for example the Music Maker ASIO driver. Click on the Advanced button to open the driver settings. Select your audio input and audio output and set sample buffer size to something reasonable like 512 samples. This should improve stability. Be aware, that selecting Bluetooth or USB microphones/headphones/headsets/speakers can be a hit and miss in compatibility.

Recommend is an external USB audio interface with its own ASIO drivers and connecting your microphones and speakers/headphones via cable to it.