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Viking.hamster wrote on 8/25/2019, 4:55 PM

so ive posted a couple posts about my main issues with MMM2019,ive since upgraded to 2020 and those same issues exsit sadly.


so some people might say its my own fault for upgrading but tbh ive allways liked magix music maker,sure its querky and often annoying i mean i had hair when i started useing it im now completly bald lol,however its been a long time since i started useing it and im kinda used to it.

anyway issues,

so still haveing the same soundpool issues(install all soundpools,restart program some need installing again some different ones each time i restart sometimes the same ones)ive tried the delete the file under database in common file but it just doesnt work.

sound stops randomly while playback,i think its a issue with sound driver im useing the magix low latency 2016 driver as it seemes to have less issues,ive tried the AISO4ALLv2 driver but it seemed to bug out, also directsound driver would playback much lower than it should again i think its a driver issue than a magix one.

soundpool new bug with psytrance soundpool,some sounds wont allow me to use them keeps saying i need permission from the admin? this is a new issue,ive also been useing that soundpool quite often with no issues untill now.

sometimes copy and pasting will resalt in track 1 sample dissapering apon pasting,also sometimes randomly after pasting adding a new sample will delete the track1 sample and i have to use the undo button. this is again a new issue that only started last night.

magix 2020 premium upgrade from 2019 premium not sure of the virsion number sorry but its the latest one.

i5 9600k@4.4ghz



onbord sound with my msi tomahawk z390

windows 10

sorry if ive forgot anything.

aanyway if there is anyone who can help me with any of the issues it would be helpful as im getting quite annoyed now,and ive tried a few things and nothing seems to work.

ive tried

reinstalling 2 seperte times on different drives

tried the delete the file in database/common/magix/program files/c drive seemed to work but then soundpools started to need redownloading again

im not sure what else i can do tbh.



emmrecs wrote on 8/26/2019, 3:49 AM


That's quite a list of problems, none of which ought to be happening, I think! They certainly don't for me, running the latest version ( - you can check yours under Help>About Music Maker) though I don't have a large number of added-on soundpools and certainly not the one you particularly mentioned.

Since you have only recently been able to upgrade to the latest version it seems clear that your Update Service is still current and that you are, therefore, entitled to free technical support. There is no mention in your post, I think, of ever contacting Magix Support - you can use the Contact button in the footer of every forum page - and you really should do this. From what you write, my suspicion is that there is some incompatibility with something on your computer and support is likely to ask you to download and run their Syscheck app to run a battery of tests on your computer. This can take quite some time but in my experience it does considerably help Support to help you in diagnosing and resolving the problems.


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