Lags after upgrade from 2016 Plus to 2020 Plus

Artan wrote on 1/6/2020, 3:56 PM

Hellow guys !

This is just a fast posting, interrupting my work few moments, hopefully I can find a fast solution. I used 2016 plus version, till these days and was working great on my old laptop, as well on my new laptop, but after purchasing the update for 2020, editing on Magix in same context , it became a nightmare !

Just as example, I have 2 1080 video tracks opened and one audio and even with smooth playback enabled, the program still have lags, get interrupted. Since the old version worked fine on same laptop and did pretty acceptable even with 4K, my believe is that might be some issues with the update or something I miss. They advertise that should be much faster than older versions, so having these lags, is unacceptable. I mean..right now, I hit play on the project and at some point, sound like it's freezing, repeating the sound and the image.

Honestly, on the new version, I was expecting not even need to use proxy files on 1080 videos or smooth play. I only upgraded on 2020 version, because 2016 Plus, had issues reproducing the new GoPro Hero 8 audio. Other than that, I was just happy with the old version. I exclude hardware problems, since I still have old version installed and works ok.


CubeAce wrote on 1/6/2020, 5:06 PM



You can't exclude hardware problems just because another program runs.

Full system details please or you are just basically saying 'It's broken please fix it' with us not having a clue as to what could be wrong.

The program is faster than the old version at rendering but only if your hardware is up to the job, otherwise the program may well just overtax your system.


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johnebaker wrote on 1/7/2020, 5:43 AM



We need more information on your computer system see this topic for what is required.

. . . . They advertise that should be much faster than older versions, so having these lags, is unacceptable . . . .

Should is the keyword here, it does not necessarily mean it will be - the actual advertised speed increase is:

. . . . Up to 8.6x faster! . . . . .

the actual increase you see depends entirely on your hardware, the previous version being compared to, what video formats are actually on the timeline and effects etc applied.

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Artan wrote on 1/17/2020, 7:49 AM

Thanking you for your time and excuse the delay, I had some issues and couldn't check the messages.

I solved this. Apparently, it was something inside the program settings. Now there's a huge difference and work smoothly, even without using proxy files or activating "play smooth".

Can't figure out yet, why some options on the route map are not active and requires a payment, but this is another talk. ✌️

browj2 wrote on 1/17/2020, 9:02 AM


About your last comment, I presume that you mean Travel Maps that you access through Edit, Wizards, Travel Route Animation.

You get some stuff, icons, avatars for free, but the rest you have to buy. You can buy the entire package that comes with much more stuff for travel. See the advert in the Store for the Ultimate Travel Package.

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