Launching Waves "H-Reverb" Plugins cause SF15 crash

Rednroll wrote on 6/4/2021, 11:07 AM

SF15 Pro x64 Build 57

Waves "H-Reverby Hybrid Reverb" v10 VST2/64 bit

Click on any of the H-Reverb plugins by launching it in the Plugin manager window instantly sends SF crashing.

I recently have been organizing all my plugins in the plugin-in manager by category and attempting to reduce the variants of plugins I have installed on my system with a focus on keeping VST2/64 bit versions. Therefore have removed the 32 bit versions from my system and unfortunately Waves doesn't create separate DLLs for each plugin when installed, or otherwise I would install the 32bit version DLL and give that a try instead. I've run into frequent circumstances where I will find a 64bit version of a plugin doesn't work, causes crash, or just doesn't show up in SF but the 32 bit version works fine. Sound Forge seems to be a little more robust when handling 32bit versions of plugs when I run into problems with the 64bit version which just seems odd to me since it's a 64bit host, on a 64bit OS, using a 64bit plugin.

On the most part, all my other Waves plugins which come in VST2-32, VST2-64, VST3-32, and VST3-64 variants have worked well in SF but just something about these H-Reverb plugs seems to be off.

Also tried the same VST2/64bit H-Reverb plugs in VP18 and AP10.

VP18 loads the plugin fine but has stutter playback issues.

AP10 when I attempt to load the plugin into a track, it doesn't crash but AP goes out to lunch instead and freezes.

Anyone else having problems with these plugins?



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