List of Soundpool loops by name

SP. wrote on 4/13/2020, 9:27 AM

In the past some of you bought single loops from Catooh which is not possible on the new Producerplanet website. If you are now missing a specific loop you can't find out from which Soundpool you'll get it.

I've created a list of all Soundpool loops in my collection, which should cover nearly all loops that were released by Magix. I tried to automatically add information like BPM and harmony, which worked fine for most of the loops, but not all.

With the help of the list you can easily find out to which Soundpool a loop belongs. Then you just search for the Soundpool on Producer Planet and download or buy it there if you need another loop from it.

Many of the Soundpools in the list are listed with their old names. Magix changed the names of a lot of Soundpools, but the search on Producerplanet also works when you are using the old names because they are mentioned in the description of each Soundpool.

Here is the link to download the list. It is just a zip file with a text file inside. The textfile is a csv file. You can open it with a text editor or software like Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc.


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