Live Pad installed but disappears

yunusemre-erkin wrote on 10/16/2019, 12:52 PM


Everytime I start music maker I have to download livepad as it disappears after reboot. I see the folder with installed loops and stuff but I cant find where I can make app locate it. Loops are also disappears but I know where I can update them to make app locate them.

Does it happen to me only? How can I resolve this issue?


Rachid wrote on 10/25/2019, 9:03 PM

Try to login as Administrator.

ralftaro wrote on 11/6/2019, 6:12 AM

Hi there,

I only remember one support case like this, and it was in the previous generation (27.x) of Music Maker. You could try the advice from Rachid above, but I'm also sure the previous support case wasn't that easy to fix. You should definitely check whether you're running the most current version (i.e. generation 28.x) of the software. You can always get the update via the appropriate option in the "Help" menu.

According to my records, the previous user with this issue had a customised user content path, but this shouldn't generally be a problem. So, not sure whether it's related. It was the only thing that stuck out. If you're not getting on, please contact us at MAGIX support to further troubleshoot this issue.