Loop playback? Set end marker?

RobD wrote on 12/14/2009, 3:36 PM
I am a new Edit Pro 15 user. I have been using Pro 14 for over a year and know it pretty well and have done numerous projects. However one of the features I used very often in 14, I haven't been able to do in 15. I want to set the end marker with a right click then loop the playback so I can fine tune edits while the playback is looped. This seems to not be available in 15 which makes me want to stop use now and revert back to 14. I have all the latest updates. Does anyone know how to make this happen in 15?


malibujock wrote on 12/15/2009, 9:55 AM
I will take a stab at this.  I just upgraded from edit pro 12 and I couldn't find the end marker and its not there in the fashion I knew it.  Go to the area where the play marker is, just above the 1st track in edit mode 2nd line above the time line.  left click where you want the playback to start then right clich where you want the end marker.  You will see a left and right bracket with a blue line between them. Then just to the right of the play button is a play button with brackets on each side. Press that and it will then play back the area you marked only.  Hope this helps.