Lost CD - Magix already installed . Re-download Or Activation ?

vesper-gremlin wrote on 10/28/2019, 5:20 PM

Hello , i had the magix music maker deluxe edition 2006 installed on an old computer , i would like to install it on another laptop but have lost the CD . I copied the entire magix folder onto the new laptop and wasn't surprised to find it asking me to insert the original CD when i tried starting it. Question is : since i still have magix music maker edition installed on the older computer , what information can i find and provide (within these files) that would give me permission to re-download the same version of magix again from the new laptop ? I tried searching for a validation key or something of that sort in the magix folder but couldn't find any . There's the 'Validation' app which i ran and it showed this message : " Unexpected data received '' .


johnebaker wrote on 10/29/2019, 3:49 AM



. . . . I copied the entire magix folder onto the new laptop and wasn't surprised to find it asking me to insert the original CD when i tried starting it . . . .

That method of 'installing' software does not work - there will be many missing components which are not in the Music Maker folder - the program must be installed using the installer.

. . . . music maker deluxe edition 2006 . . . .

This is a very old version of the program, you can check if there is a download available by:

  1. browsing to the Magix.com website
  2. click the My Account icon top right of the home page
  3. select My Products
  4. there you will find your registered products and if available a download link and your serial number.

There is another potential issue - if the new laptop is running Windows 10 then it is very likely that the program will not run correctly as it is not compatible with Windows 10, in which case you will have to upgrade to a Windows 10 compatible version.

Music Maker is now licensed as a 'freemium' product, ie you can install the free version, however this is very restricted in terms of functionality, features, soundpools and instruments, unfortunately those from Music Maker 2006 are not compatible and cannot be used.

If you do decide to upgrade and you need the extra functionality - see comparison chart here - get the Premium version - it offers best value for money.


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vesper-gremlin wrote on 11/2/2019, 9:40 AM

Hello again Johnebaker , i found the cd , i installed music maker 2006 but it's in french . didn't find any language- related controls in the settings , i did a little bit of searching and found someone who had the same problem and that the solution was to download the trial version of music maker and replace the original files with the trial files . The post didn't say 'replace the files' in french it said 'replace the original app with the trial app' , which i assume means replacing the files .. Trouble is there are no older music maker trial versions left right ? Any suggestions ?

vesper-gremlin wrote on 11/2/2019, 9:50 AM

Do you think there's something i can do to modify certain files to change the language to english , like intall.cfg or something ?

emmrecs wrote on 11/2/2019, 10:34 AM


@johnebaker already commented that MM 2006 is very old (in software terms). By far your best course of action is to download and install the current Free version, test it out, see what it does and then consider whether it is worth you upgrading to one of the paid-for versions in order to gain full operational control of the app. (As fellow-users, we always recommend the Premium version if you decide to upgrade.)

As for the language problem you are seeing, where did the CD come from? Is it a "French" version? If so, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to change the language to anything else by editing any installation files since they will be written to the CD and so not easily editable. Current download trial versions are likely to be multilingual but this is unlikely to help you with the language of the version you currently have. As you say, trial versions of older software are not available and all current versions seem to overwite recent older versions on installation. Whether a current trial version would overwrite the 2006 version is doubtful but I confess to also doubting whether it would resolve your language problem!


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