Lost Cursor

larry-burriss wrote on 3/23/2020, 7:57 PM

Just installed SF 14 and am having cursor problems. When I load a sound file and press "play" the file plays but the cursor doesn't show up. If I stop the file and click on the waveform the cursor shows up (blinks and then stops blinking but is on the screen), but then doesn't move when I play the file. I upgraded from SF 12, where the cursor worked fine. Ideas?


rraud wrote on 3/24/2020, 11:16 AM

I do not yet have SF-14 (Pro or AS) Offhand the only think I can things of is: in the Options menu, "Seek cursor on playback".. or maybe the color display is hiding it, Try changing the color options in "Options> Preferences> Display"

larry-burriss wrote on 3/24/2020, 3:27 PM



Thanx for the advice. I reset the colors, restarted everything and the cursor shows up fine. I think I'll leave 12 in place for a while, just in case.