Loud static noise after installing.

A29_1 wrote on 5/23/2023, 3:48 PM

I planned on using this application for a project i was making. I installed it off of the microsoft store on my gaming computer and it installed correctly. But when it installed i heard a loud noise that would play whenever noise would happen on my pc. Is there a way to fix this because i cannot fix it on the 2023 verison and it is very loud and i must have my speakers muted at all times. It is not pleasant using a computer like this as i cannot hear any audio from my computer without the loud static playing.


SP. wrote on 5/23/2023, 3:51 PM

@A29_1 Does the problem go away of you restart the computer? Please select Restart and not Shut down.

A29_1 wrote on 5/23/2023, 4:20 PM

Its more quiet... But i still hear it and its still decently loud. But still very annoying as it makes everything more quiet and still without noise it makes sound now unless muted.

A29_1 wrote on 5/23/2023, 4:29 PM

I also tried uninstalling the application, i am not sure if that ruined my pc but i do believe it still has a warranty.

A29_1 wrote on 5/23/2023, 4:36 PM

It got solved, after opening up voicemod which i would have to do anyways as i play Gmod on my computer often with my friends since i dont have a working microphone i would use a voicemod soundboard to speak in voicechat. I do believe partially restarting my pc was the solution even if voicemod does change the sound you're computer will output into your headphones.

A29_1 wrote on 5/23/2023, 4:37 PM

Thank you very much as i have spent over $800 on this pc and i value it.

SP. wrote on 5/23/2023, 4:39 PM

@A29_1 Your computer isn't damaged. It's more likely that your sound device has a problem with the sound driver which was installed by Music Maker. Is the software still installed? Please open the open the program settings under the File > Settings menu. Go to the Audio/MIDI tab. There you should have selected the Music Maker ASIO driver. Click on the Advanced button to open the driver settings. There you can select the audio input and audio output. You have also some advanced settings. I recommend you try to change the settings a bit and check if the noise goes away.